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Your Free Membership to Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association - FVRMA

About FAVR (formerly FVRMA)

Florida Alliance for Vacation Rentals Association is Florida's largest and most active short term rental organization. You don't have to be a property manager to reap the benefits of FAVR. FAVR has provided 24 years of history as a trade association supporting rentals.

If you are a host that owns, rents or provide services to the vacation rental market you benefit from being a member.

What does FAVR do?

FAVR provides:

  1. A strong unified voice for hundreds of thousands of stakeholders in the Florida vacation rental marketplace.
  2. A support mechanism to keep professional short term rental hosts up to date on requirements and potential legal issues affecting rentals in the state.
  3. Protection from external forces who try to disrupt vacation rental property operation.

What are the benefits of joining FAVR?

There are many benefits to joining a statewide Florida association like FAVR:

  • Gain traveler trust when displaying membership credentials
  • Monthly meetings, webinars and networking sessions
  • Job Posting Board
  • Newsletters
  • Legislative Updates
  • Conferences and trade shows statewide
  • Chapter meetings region by region
  • Discounts for member to member services
  • Over 6 committees to participate in
  • FAVR regularly presents in front of elected officials, government bodies and tourism partners on behalf of rental hosts

Why does FLARBO sponsor free membership?

Our sponsorship dues help all FLARBO hosts play an important role in local government affairs and state level lobbying efforts. Over 1/3 of FAVR's annual budget is dedicated to protecting your Florida Vacation Rental interests.

It's important for all hosts to rent their homes legally and professionally to keep our industry active and thriving. Keep up to date with your Florida Business Professional license requirements via FAVR's communications.

How to join FAVR via FLARBO's sponsorship

Log into FAVR sponsorship registration here.

  • Fill out the required fields on the registration page
  • Click the Membership Type dropdown menu and choose "Affiliate membership for FLARBO users"
  • Click Next
  • Finalize with $0.00 payment

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