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Property Review Information


Reviews are a very important buying trigger for travelers. After photos reviews are the most common area travelers check to give an indication of how the Host operates. This will give them an indication of the type of experience they can expect.

  • In your Host Dashboard, click the 'Listings' tab
  • Choose the property you wish to edit by clicking the 'Details' button
  • Click 'Reviews' on the left menu

Add a Review

  • Add reviews manually by clicking "Add New Review"
  • Enter the details in the popup window
  • Press 'Save Review'
  • Reviews appear by stay date


Responding to a Review

Once a traveler submits a review the host has an opportunity to respond. This is a great way to showcase how a host handles both good and bad reviews of their properties.

  • In the Review Section of a property, reviews are categorized by review ID, rating, stay date, source, reviewer, and action
  • Locate the review you wish to edit and press the 'Edit/View' button

  • Once the review pops up you can enter your response in the 'Subscriber Reply' comment box
  • Press 'Save Review'

*Please keep in mind that we rely on the honesty of owners and property managers to apply real and valid reviews and any questionable review may be removed at any time by the FLARBO team if honesty is called into question. 

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