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Are You An Experienced Or A New Florida Snowbird?

Whether You're An Experienced Florida Snowbird Or A Complete Newbie This Guide Is For You

Let's dive right in, follow these tips to find your winter hideaway and leave the cold and snow behind.


While any location in Florida is a great choice, there are still some choices to be made!

  • Weather: to state the obvious, the farther south, the warmer the winter temperatures.
  • With that being said many snowbirds are happy to spend their winters in northern Florida because it's less expensive and the weather is still a lot warmer than home - there's no snow in Florida!
  • To beach or not to beach: beaches are one of the most desired amenities for snowbirds, but if you stay inland it can be easier on the budget.
  • Some locations in Florida have a one-month minimum - this can be an advantage because they don't get booked up with one or two-week stays eg Naples.
  • Some condo HOA's require between one to four month stays, again this is favorable for snowbirds.

Things to Consider:

  • Budget: the amount you are able/willing to spend per month will somewhat dictate where in Florida you should look. Northern and Central Florida are more budget-friendly than Southern or beach locations.
  • Amenities: what's important to you to make your stay awesome? Golf? A Beach? A bigger city? A quaint beach town feel? A pool? Make sure to use the filters to choose what is important to you and filter out listings that don't match your criteria.
  • Flexibility: stay open to locations that tick all your boxes but aren't located where you thought you might go. If you can't find a rental for the entire time you wish to stay consider staying a month here and a month there.

When Should I Start Looking?

The short answer is NOW!

Snowbird rentals often book up a year or more in advance. Be sure to start your search very early - it's already difficult enough to find a snowbird rental, don't let time be a factor.

How Do I Know A Host Is Legitimate?

  • Fortunately for you, Florida Rental By Owners verifies each host before their listing is published
  • Does this mean I don't need to do anything else? Not necessarily, we recommend that you use as many methods as you need to to feel comfortable. Feel free to look up the owner's name or the rental's address (if you have it) on the local county property appraiser's site, ask the host for proof of ownership eg a utility bill with both the owner's name and the rental's address on it, and of course Google is your friend.

What's The Best Method To Pay For My Stay?

  • We recommend that if you do not know the host you pay by credit card to protect yourself.
  • If you have stayed with the host before and are comfortable paying by check, wire transfer, or cash app can be considered.

Do I Need Insurance?

Health Insurance

If you are not a U.S. citizen you will need health insurance to cover any unexpected health care needs. Health care in the U.S. is very expensive, you do not want to take the risk with your health.

Trip Cancelation/Interruption Insurance

Not all Health Insurance policies provide coverage for the cancelation for the remainder of your trip or flights home - if that is the case you will need this additional insurance policy.

Property Insurance

Some insurance companies require you to take measures while your home is unoccupied, call your insurance broker to ask if there is anything you need to do. It's a good idea to have someone dropping by your home on a regular basis.

Snowbirding With Pets

We get it, our pets are our family too! We understand that leaving your pet at home for long periods of time is just not an acceptable option for many.

Fortunately, Florida Rental By Owners offers several filters, one of them being for pet-friendly accommodations. Simply search for your location and dates first, then use the filters on the left side of the search results page to see only those listings that are pet-friendly.

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Transportation for Florida Snowbird Guide

How Will You Getting To Your Winter Escape In Florida?

There Are Several Options To Consider When Deciding On Which Transportation Method You'll Use To Head South For The Winter


Flying to and from Florida is, of course, the simplest option. Just pack your suitcase and go!

The one drawback of flying is that you won't have your own transportation while in Florida - you could rent a car, but this could be cost-prohibitive for a longer stay.


The most economical method, because you won't need to rent a car, is to drive to your rental in Florida if you reside in North America.

If you choose to drive make sure you are prepared for the long trip:

  • Have your car serviced to hopefully avoid any issues - don't forget, you won't be needing your snow tires!
  • Plan your route ahead of time, but be flexible in case there are obstacles along the. way
  • Don't try to get here too fast - planning to take several days for your drive is safest. Make it fun and stop at some new places
  • If you are bringing a pet be sure to have enough of their regular food with you for the drive just in case you can't find it along the way, this is not the time for them to be eating unfamiliar food. Make sure to have plenty of fresh water and something for them to drink from. Make frequent potty and stretch breaks

Have Your Car Shipped

This is the best of both worlds - you get to fly and you'll have your car for your stay in Florida.

There are many services that will either ship or drive your car, be sure to get referrals and/or check out reviews.

Check out our guide on shipping your car to Florida HERE.

The Amtrak Auto Train

  • Bring your car with you (or your van, motorcycle, SUV, jetski, or boat) without having to make the entire drive yourself.
  • Amtrak's Auto Train transports you and your vehicle between Lorton, Virginia (near Washington D.C.) to Sanford, FL (near Orlando) and vice versa, you avoid 900miles of driving, avoid traffic, save on gas, and save on wear and tear.
  • Choose from a variety of accommodations from coach seats up to suites and everything in between.
  • The Amtrak Auto Train offers Cafe Service for meals, snacks, and beverages, but feel free to bring your own.
  • Find out more about the Amtrak Auto Train HERE.

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