Tips to Refresh Your Vacation Rental Marketing and Yourself After High Season

Sep 6, 2018

Take a deep breath…you’ve made it through the hectic high season. You have survived! We are raising a glass of cheer to your success! Here are our proven tips to keep that glass of cheer raised throughout the shoulder and low seasons as well:


1. Water your social media grass. You can get anything to grow when you give it attention and love. Since we are all about DIY, our favorite thing to do in the slow season is to get caught up on our social accounts!  The first task is to post about our most recent 5-star reviews from the season, and from there we sprinkle the Internet with our most prized quotes.


2. Take stock of your property. Slow season is 'Go season'!  During the downtime we are taking inventory of sheets, towels, toiletries, and more.  The shoulder season is also a great time to get your carpets cleaned, windows washed, and BBQ deep cleaned. In other words, get your sparkle back!


3. Choose a new tool to help you with your workflow. Time is valuable and something you will never get back once it is gone. Use your time wisely to make your workflow and guest experience more efficient. This year Alanna decided to treat herself to the gift of a tax consultant and bookkeeper. It's not because she is not’s because she simply doesn't have the time for these tasks and ends up paying her taxes late. Those extra fees add up, so this year she is updating her workflow to include a transient tax expert and a bookkeeper. And Tyann finally chose a reservation management software (OwnerRez) as she went from 3 to 6 properties in the spring. No more pencil lines on a calendar and spending her mornings manually sending standard direction and access information emails. She has now gotten her workflow down to under 10 minutes after a reservation is made and then is set until she calls her guests after arrival to welcome them. Tyann also switched to the Touch Stay digital welcome book, upping her overall guest experience. Using Touch Stay has garnered her reviews that state how amazing her welcome book is in helping guests to plan and to enjoy their stay.


4. Invest in education that will benefit you in the long run. What do you want to improve this year?
      Is it your smartphone photography skills?
      How to do Facebook Live video?
      Maybe creative writing to improve your email newsletters?
      How to do Facebook ads?
There will always be something new to learn or catch up on, and the downtime is the perfect time to do so. 
Look for an instructor or mentor whom you connect with and trust. Make sure their teaching style is also the style you learn best from. Do you do best in the video environment or the in-person hands-on environment? Of course, we would love to have you at our annual #vacationrentalbootcamp if we fit your criteria! Agenda and info at


5. Network with local businesses and other hosts, owners, and managers. There are two big reasons to step out of your comfort zone, change out of your jammies, and network with others: First is that people do business with people. Put your face to your business and meet other faces of area businesses. They need to like you, know you, and trust you. After that, you get the second biggie, and frankly what makes business work…word of mouth referrals. A personal recommendation is better than any ad that someone sees in their social media newsfeed. But don’t forget to send your guests to those businesses, share on your social media about your fave dish at local restaurants, and brag about the stunning piece of art you picked up at the local shop.
And of course, share all of that on your business social media as well as select pieces on your personal social media. People are nosy and love to know what you are up to. Why not take advantage of their nosiness with a little advantageous well-placed marketing? Alanna Schroeder and Tyann Marcink are vacation rental veterans and the co-founders of the VR Mastered #vacationrentalbootcamp, an exclusive annual event for owners and managers who are doers. Learn more about Alanna and Tyann, as well as the #vacationrentalbootcamp, at

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