Quick Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Inviting

Jan 26, 2018

Making guests feel welcome is one of the cornerstones of vacation rental hospitality and first impressions are often the key to setting the tone for a great experience. Here are some tips to make guests feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.

Quick Tip #1

To start off, the kitchen should be your primary focus. Guests usually arrive with groceries ready for their stay. The kitchen must be kept clean and organized. Include integral small appliances such as a toaster, coffee maker, electric kettle, and blender. A slow cooker is a welcome upgrade as is a Keurig coffee machine. Another example of welcoming your guests are small touches such as a selection of spices, which are often overlooked on the first trip to the grocery store. Offering popular spices such as salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, and basil can be surprising and delightful after a long day of traveling.

Quick Tip #2

Another key tip is to keep the bedrooms, bathrooms and the living room. as tidy and clutter free as possible. This helps parents stay at ease and avoid the worry of toddlers exploring and accidentally breaking items. Remove all personal items.

Quick Tip #3

Extra bedding, towels, and pillows should always be available for guests to help themselves if needed. As a rule, keep 2 sets of bedding per bed and 2 sets of towels per maximum occupancy in each property. Placing bed linens in the bedroom closets help take the guesswork out of which bedding goes where and will also help the cleaners turnover the house quicker. 

Quick Tip #4

Don’t just think about how your home looks to the guest, the aroma is tightly tied to a great experience and will help guests associate your property with either a fresh clean home or a musty dirty one. There are various methods to achieve a fresh, clean smell, using quality cleaning products is a start, potpourri, air fresheners, opening windows burning a scented candle are all ways to achieve the right aroma for your home.

Quick Tip #5

A welcome basket is a great touch to really set the tone for guests, common items to include are sample size shampoos, conditioners, dish liquid soap, dishwasher pods, laundry pods, fabric softener, water, bottles of wine, specialty coffee or local foods are also great ideas.

Quick Tip #6

Finally, don't forget another sense that is often forgotten. Sound. Have your staff turn on the TV to a music station that fits the mood and ambiance of the area. It really sets the tone for a guest's stay.

When choosing your cleaning company a property owner should make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured. When interviewing companies as about their experience in cleaning and inspecting vacation rentals. Regular cleaning companies will not be trained to look for theft and damages. Great cleaning companies offer extra services like granting access to and overseeing service and maintenance work by other companies on your rental. This helps ensure your guest's personal items are protected and that each repair job is done in a timely manner, saving you money. Great cleaning companies also report issues on a regular basis to ensure your investment is well protected to help you garner great reviews and repeat guests. Great cleaning companies also offer concierge services such as grocery delivery which can offer an extra stream of income to your vacation rental.

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