No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals Save Travelers Hundreds

Apr 25, 2017

You can now save hundreds of dollars on your next Florida vacation by booking through Florida Rental By Owners instead of the big box listing sites, like VRBO, HomeAway and Airbnb, who charge you a traveler service fee to book and pay through their website.

Florida Rental By Owners does not charge any traveler fees to renters who book and register on their listing site and doesn't charge owners any commission on bookings. One of the main purposes of developing this venue for Florida vacation rentals is to provide travelers an alternative to booking without paying services fees, such as those charged by HomeAway, VRBO, and Airbnb, which can add hundreds of dollars to your vacation costs. We would much rather you use that money to enjoy yourself while on vacation here in Florida.

We've created a detailed informational chart to show how travelers can save hundreds of dollars by avoiding the OTA's where traveler fees are charged. The detailed price comparison chart also shows how owners can save thousands of dollars by using different OTA options (Online Travel Agencies).


Based on an average weekly rental rate of $1520*

  • Florida Rental By Owners Traveler Fee:  $0
  • HomeAway/VRBO Traveler Fee: $182
  • Airbnb Traveler Fee:  $182
  • TripAdvisor Traveler Fee: $220
  • Traveler Fee $0


Based on an average annual vacation rental income of $28,000*.

  • Florida Rental By Owners Fee:  $99
  • HomeAway/VRBO Average Owner Fees (depending on subscription model):  $920 to $1,971
  • Airbnb Average Owner Fees:  $1,400
  • TripAdvisor Average Owner Fees: $4,200
  • Average Owner Fees: $4,200

Visit Florida Rental By Owners Website to view and list your property. Saving Travelers hundreds of dollars towards their next vacation rental. 

*Statistics: average vacation rental income (2016) and average weekly rental rate (2016). average credit card usage by travelers booking vacations using OTA's (2014).