Florida Rental By Owners Partners with Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association

Nov 4, 2020


Florida Rental By Owners (FLARBO) is the premiere vacation rental listing site dedicated to the state of Florida and has recently partnered with the Florida Vacation Rental Management Association (FVRMA), a property manager association traditionally dedicated to Florida short term rental managers.

FLARBO provides a streamlined platform for Florida short term vacation rental hosts and visitors to "connect in a meaningful way that is mutually beneficial," Additionally no traveler fees means tourists save time and money to access quality vacation homes. FLARBO is proud to have partnered with FVRMA in an effort to better protect short term rental business investments and continue to have a positive image with trusted accreditation.

Why Partner with FVRMA?

FVRMA (Florida Vacation Rental Managers Association) was chosen by Florida Rental By Owners to partner with in order to unite both FLARBO homeowner and property manager stakeholders through a free FVRMA membership, sponsored by FLARBO. The association of FVMRA generates a strong united voice, as well as offering education for the latest industry news, insights, and legislation that FLARBO clients need to know to successfully manage their businesses. FVRMA is considered one of the largest vacation rental associations in the USA and has been serving the Florida vacation industry for over 25 years!

Why Partner with FVRMA Now?

“In light of the pandemic, we found there was a real need to unite property homeowners and property managers with the FVRMA association in order for stakeholders to have a voice with government legislation as well as unite the Florida short-term rental industry to create a stronger, trusted, and unified accreditation that is needed in the vacation rental space.” states FLARBO co-founder Nancy McAleer. 

McAleer further states: “It’s beneficial to the traveler in terms of standardized protocols (like cleaning) and to the short term rental hosts to stay up to date on their requirements as Florida Department of Business and Professional regulation license holders. It’s a win-win for everyone. We are proud to be the first Florida listing site to have taken this step in sponsoring our clients for a free FVRMA membership. It sets us apart as a trusted resource in the Florida accommodation sector.”

What are the Benefits of the FVRMA & FLARBO Partnership?

Both companies serve Florida vacation rental property owners and managers and are dedicated to help members receive the most up to date information and shared resources from the association. Below are a list of the some of the benefits of membership for Florida short term rental hosts. For more information about FVRMA, please visit the Florida VRMA Website.

  • vacation rental advocacy
  • up to date resources - including COVID-19 protocols
  • trusted accreditation
  • industry news
  • industry conferences
  • education and certification
  • chapter meetings
  • free membership for FLARBO hosts
  • 10% introductory rate discount for FVMRA members to list their property on Florida Rental By Owners

In FLARBO's recent advancement and partnership with FVRMA, the Florida Vacation Rental Management Association, FLARBO is in the business of continuously working to "exceed every traveler's expectations, with choices of high-end luxury or cheery, budget-friendly accommodations," while keeping business owners, members, and property managers in the know for upcoming industry events, news, local committees, benefits, and more! 

Benefits of FVRMA Members Listing a Short Term Rental Property on Florida Rental By Owners

Florida Vacation Rental Manager Association members can enjoy a one time introductory discount of 10% off any subscription level on one or more properties when they begin their subscription membership on Florida Rental By Owners (FLARBO). Gain more exposure and get more direct booking requests by advertising your homes on a niche, regional Florida website. FLARBO is dedicated to advertising directly to the specific vacation types that Florida travelers are looking for. Monthly snowbird rentals, pet friendly rentals, boat friendly rentals to short term rentals located close to theme parks FLARBO has a unique advertising and marketing mix strategic to these vacationers. Don't get lost on the big online travel agencies, get found on FLARBO!

About Florida Rental By Owners: List your short term vacation rental on Florida Rental By Owners (FLARBO). Get more direct bookings on a niche regional rental listing website dedicated to Florida travelers and short-term hosts with NO BOOKING FEES, and communicating directly with the traveler helps you save on processing fees and close more sales.

  • Communicate Directly with Travelers
  • No Traveler Booking Fees
  • Take Control of the Entire Booking Process
  • No Cancellation Penalties or Imposed Policies
  • Use Your Own Booking Software and Save Money
  • Keep All Traveler Contact Information for Your Marketing
  • Enjoy the Freedom of Hosting on Your Own Terms

If you'd like further details you can contact the customer service team at Florida Rental By Owners (FLARBO) here. Click the highlighted blue text to read the full terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy of listing your property on Florida rental by owners.

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